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The Story

Since 2001, we have been patiently transforming former farm land to vineyards and a simple stone cottage into our current tasting and production facilities.  This is a family affair.  Denny and Jaclyn Evans started the work.  Their son Guy and daughter-in-law Rachel continued the work.  Second son Luke provided business counsel and perspective from afar.  Faces may change, different hands may perform the labor, but the message is the same: we are family, come join us. 

Our oldest Pinot Noir block dates over 15 years.  Our youngest Malbec block is just completed its fifth.  In between, we have learned a lot about the land, the wine it creates, and our own roles in the middle.  We do know that building a great wine and a great winery are not unlike.  Both require attention to detail, a sense of daring, and tenacious spirit.  

When you visit our stone cottage tasting room, you stand inside the rocks of the Knapps Hill Tunnel just up the hill.  Back in ’33 the tunnel was blasted and a few years later, the rubble was used to build this cottage.  Thus our name – Tunnel Hill – from the center of a mountain, just up the road.   We like it – sturdy, solid, and very much from the earth.